The IPhone – Little Smartphone Secrets You May Not Know

So, with all this absolute hype about the iPhone that has come out, there are conflicting views on the pros and cons of this technology, but let’s see if maybe we can figure out what are some of the darker, more unfortunate aspects of the technology to look at. Every great technological marvel has its faults, but it’s important that you, as the consumer, are able to weigh them on your own to choose the best smartphone for your needs.. oppo f17 pro

– The Headphone Dilemma: While the iPhone is advertised as being compatible with both Macs and PCs, and that is the case, it seems that Apple didn’t really consider taking a look at other HARDWARE compatibility issues, most notably being that the only headphones you can get to fit into your iPhone are the headphones specifically for iPhones. You can’t use regular headphones for your CD player or even your iPod, so you’re stuck with those ridiculously uncomfortable earbuds that can kill your ears, if you’re like me, and if they break, you have to go find them and pay for new ones. That’s always a pain.

– The Bluetooth Issue: Another compatibility issue is with the actual Bluetooth interface. In the case of your iPhone, don’t expect to use your Bluetooth, since you can’t actually send or receive files from your smartphone due to the Bluetooth. Since the programs aren’t really going to work together, the added on problem that Bluetooths will suck power from your iPod like a bleeding vampire doesn’t help in the slightest.

– The Tortoise Effect: Now, even though the iPhone is fantastic with the number of things it reports that it can do, the fact is, this smartphone is a little slow. Okay, more than a little. Trying to get web pages to pull up on the iPhone can take god-awful-forever, and it’s about at the speed of watching a fax come through. The speed of the WiFi just doesn’t hold up to what was predicted, so, instead, you’re forced to watch what feels like sticking a submarine through a sponge.

– Upgradable? Not As much as You’d Think: The iPhone is meant to be upgradable, but, considering its role as an interfacing tool that integrates technology, it doesn’t do a very good job of being marketable as upgradable. For one thing, you have 8 gigabytes of storage space on the phone. That is all. There is no option to upgrade using external memory keys or drives, especially seeing as how many people carry those, but instead, we are forced to endure situations where you actually do need that extra gig of space. So when choosing your smartphone do your research and choose the one that is best for you.