Redmi 9 Features and Pricing


Redmi 9 has been launched on 27th August this year. The mobile comes with a impressive 6. 1953-inch touchscreen screen with a resolution of 8megapixels and an aspect ratio of 15:9. Redmi 9 is Powered by an octa- core MediaTek Helio G 3500 processor. It has two RAM slots, a single card reader, a dual USB, an MMC card, a micro SD slot and a headphone. It also has a capacitive virtual keyboard and a capacitive multimedia player.

MediaTek has now partnered up with the leading mobile device manufacturing company Nokia to produce the Redmi 9 smartphone. The first version of the smartphone which was launched in April this year included a 5.2-inch screen and had an attractive plastic body. A few weeks later the handset received a major makeover and the new design incorporated a bigger screen. The result was an improvement in the camera quality and increased storage space. redmi 9

Redmi 9 has the all-important Dual SIM tray which allows you to use two SIM cards in the palm of your hand. This makes it easy to switch from one network to another even if you are moving to another country or continent. Apart from that, the phone includes a full hd camera with a high resolution and a complete suite of tools including a image editor, video editor, good quality speaker, good quality sound recorder, picture editor, GPS navigator, PC synchronization software, image gallery and a lot more. On the other hand, the advanced image editing features enable you to make impressive photographic content such as videos, slideshows, images, games, and more. If you want to upload your work to YouTube then you can do so using the built in Wi-Fi mode.

The Redmi 9 has the best battery life which boasts of a whopping nine hours of battery life. This makes it the ultimate choice for people who keep on going on business trips or are always on the go. The dual cameras allow you to capture both close-ups and distant shots. The 8mp ultra-wide snapper has a laser focus and helps you take clear pictures even in dimly lit conditions. If you want to edit your photos and videos then the built-in image editing software is capable of making all sorts of changes.

In terms of looks, the Redmi 9 features a stunning five mega pixels touch screen which is quite large compared to the competition. This is due to the fact that the smartphone is designed for professional users who use the camera frequently and need all the help they can get. Despite its high price point the Redmi 9 packs in a powerful pair of camera sensors – the Exmor P chip and Sony IMX 4800 lens with a USB interface.

While the price point of the Redmi 9 may put some off initially, it certainly packs in a powerhouse of features. It is one of the first smartphones to offer high definition video recording along with the support for high resolution images and music players. The excellent battery life makes it perfect for those who use their phones for long durations. If you are looking for an ideal mid-budget smartphone that offers everything right from the camera point and touch screen to the best sound quality, the Redmi 9 should be one of your choices.