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This information has been trance-channelled from the Angelic Realm. Please do not confuse this meditation technique with other traditional meditation techniques, which are taught by others, for other purposes. Ascended Master EL Morya (Merlin) asked me to write this when I speak in front of audiences, about this meditation technique:

“Some of the things I am about to talk about, may not resonate with you… and that is OK. For in this world, there are always differences, and it is those differences that create interesting opportunities; to philosophise upon what has been spoken about.

However, what is not very good, is for one to stay closed, and become judgemental upon the information I bring forth; for it serves no purpose. It creates frustration within you; and it also blocks the opportunity, for those who are ready to embrace learning… and the opportunity to maybe think about things on a different level.

So I would ask every one of you here today, to listen; to ponder; and whilst it may not resonate with you; please respect the fact that it may resonate with others.”

If you are new to meditating, or even considering meditating for the first time, there are a number of benefits to be had from meditation. There is an Ascension process happening through 2011 and many people are awakening to enlightenment. It may be that you have felt ‘drawn’ to this article, or drawn to look for the right way to meditate.

Meditation, for the vast majority of people, is the only way to connect to the Angelic Realm and the Creator. Prayer, for the majority, is asking questions or asking for things to happen, whereas meditation is the listening process, for the answers and guidance.

The benefits of meditation are many. It will help you reduce your stress levels, so you feel less anxious.lower your blood pressure. offer your body time to heal.create balance and harmony in your physical, mental and ethereal bodies. promote a more positive mental attitude. enable connection to spirit and the Godhead.

When meditating, you need to find the stillness. It may take a while before you can let all thoughts go. This is where and angel guided meditation helps.

There are 3 phases to the stillness:

1. Auric level

2. Physical ethereal level

3. Astral level

Let’s look at these levels in a little more detail.

Auric level: This is where you find the initial quiet; the stillness, where you have let go of thoughts.

Physical ethereal level: Here is where you feel the blackness enclosing you as you start to lose awareness of your surroundings and outside noises.

Astral ethereal level: What I am about to describe is a sequence of events that will happen as your meditation time progresses. This could happen very quickly after a few meditations, or it may take many hours, however, you now have the ability to check how you are progressing.

Here you start seeing colours, shapes, symbols and faces. Initially you will see colours rising in front of your eyes, like clouds floating upwards from the bottom of your eyelids. The colours may start of orange, red and yellow. When the colours change to purple, you know you are advancing.

Soon you may see symbols or faces. The angelic realm work with sacred geometry and symbology, so you will eventually see different symbols appear now and then. Don’t think about them; just observe and see where it takes you.

Faces may appear. Sometimes they are tiny and move into view. Sometimes they appear from the side. They may turn around or float around. Just follow them and observe. You may see them looking at you. Sometimes they will be alien to you. If faces appear that seem negative to you and a little frightening, simply tell them to go away. This is you, accessing the negative images of your unconscious mind.

You may find you start feeling as though you are falling into darkness. This can be a little unnerving; just go with the meditation without thinking about what may happen.

At some point you may start to see star-gates which look a little like smoke-rings, emanating from behind your eyes and slowly drifting forwards, off into the distance in front of your eyelids. Imagine you are looking through a railway tunnel, with a tiny light at the end of the tunnel, and a smoke ring starts from the near the entrance and flows down the tunnel, getting smaller towards the end. As it reaches the end, another ring appears and follows.

These smoke rings may be in different colours as you progress your meditations. The good news is that you are very near to connection to the Angelic Realm. The more you experience this, the stronger these visions will appear, and at some stage, you will feel yourself being drawn into the funnel created by the smoke rings/star-gate; a little like what it must be like to be dragged into a black hole in space.

You are creating a vortex; a toroidal which connects you to the Godhead and the Angelic Realm.

You now have a sequence of events to help you chart your progress. Before you attempt to track your progress, let’s look at some of the techniques of meditating which will help you achieve the best progress in the shortest possible time for you.


Posture is very important. You should always have your back horizontal. Your breathing needs to resonate and align with your chakras. Liken it to a tuning fork, which has to be straight to resonate the sound. A hunched posture on a sofa or up against an object such as a wall, restricts the resonation. Your lungs cannot fill to capacity as your stomach is pushed into them and your breathing is affected. So whether you sit upright or lie down horizontal, matters not, as long as you have a straight back.

Some people choose to sit cross legged with an upright back. Some of us, however, are simply unable to do that. Personally, I like to sit in a comfy sofa type chair, with a cushion behind my back, keeping my back upright. I remove my shoes, so that I can place my feet firmly on the floor, so that I am grounded, and I place my hands, palms slightly facing up, one on each thigh. I make sure I don’t wear a tight belt or clothing which will restrict my breathing, and I hold my head up straight. 757 angel number


Now, some people teach visualisation for meditation, but not everyone is clairvoyant. The reality is that most people are clairsentient, and some people are clairaudient; and there are very few people who are clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant: sees spirit.

Clairaudient: hears spirit.

Clairsentient: feels spirit.

It is sad that the media refer to all psychic mediums as being a clairvoyant, when the reality is that very few of them see spirit. My wife Jill is gifted with all three, which is rare. She feels, hears and sees spirit.

Now, even though visualisation for many people seems difficult, let’s get away from this fancy term ‘visualise’ and get into reality. Everyone with sight has memories they can see in pictures. We think in pictures. Try not to think of a pink elephant with big purple spots. Even if it was only for a nano-second, that image will have appeared in your mind. Most of you can remember a clear blue sky, a lush green grass meadow, a mountain, a valley, a beach, the sea, a woodland, a winding pathway leading off into the distance, a pyramid, a stairway, stepping stones, a river, a brook, a waterfall. Get the picture:)