How to Save Money on a Hotel Room

With the American economy still in a full-tilt depression, it seems saving money is high on everyone’s list of priorities. More experienced travelers know you take a huge risk by accepting the quoted rate for most hotel rooms, and instead work just a bit for a discount.

The best way to save money on a hotel starts on your own home computer. Many national hotel chains are very similar in accommodations and amenities, so make sure you check a variety of different groups before booking your room. If your travel dates are flexible, be sure to play around with different options for each hotel you consider. Some hotels will lower weekend night rates if you are staying on Sunday night, while others will give you a discount for weekdays if you stay at least one weekend night. Trying different date variables while searching for a hotel can save you as much as twenty-dollars per night off the initial room rate. 성남룸싸롱

If you are on a road trip with a night or two in more than one location, select one chain of a hotel, and then ask for a discount based on your stay in multiple properties. Because of the economy, hotels are looking for ways to encourage you to stay more frequently in their chain. You will find most online booking sites won’t allow you to create this kind of itinerary, so call the toll-free number for your selected hotel and explain your request.

When you arrive and check-in at your selected hotel, make sure to ask if the rate you received is the lowest possible rate. Many times local hotel franchisees will run special discounts or sales that are never advertised to people outside of the local market. This is especially true on holiday weekends and during the winter months in cold weather destinations. Also be sure to ask about any standing discounts available for memberships in organizations like automobile clups, Costco, US Armed Forces, college students or even holding a valid retirement club card. Many times these groups negotiate nationwide discounts of up to 10% for their members. While some hotels do not honor these deals if you booked on the internet, it never hurts to ask.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for an immediate room discount, or future discount certificate, if your room is not up to expectations. Many times small areas that didn’t get cleaned well, or a broken remote control can be good for a small credit back the following morning. When broaching this subject be polite and ask if a credit back on your account is an option. Many hotels now have policies that only allow a coupon certificate to be given out, so accept that and use it on your next stay if possible.